How I become a photographer

Photography is a visualization of permanent transience

I first saw the light of day in Budapest, Hungary. At the tender age of two I was sent to an orphanage on the Austrian border. 

Our teacher acted as a photographer for the whole orphanage. At that time, there was no digital photography. The first thing to do was to use film, mostly 35mm, off we went after that. After a small number of pictures, the old film had to be carefully taken out and the new one installed. 

Our teacher often took me along to help him develop the pictures. The pictures were developed in a dark room. Highly toxic chemicals were used to develop the pictures. It was fascinating for me, a 9 – 10 year old boy, to observe how pictures suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 

The orphanage was located in a green zone. Trees, chirping birds, little traffic, good fresh air… I breathed in closeness to nature. 

My fondness for photography from the time of my childhood is still influential today. Thanks to human creativity, everything is subject to constant development. Year after year, cameras and photo accessories get better…. 

Jerusalem became my home. It is a pleasure for me to experience nature as a photographer, to observe it. I live surrounded by trees and chirping birds. So I have the chance to shoot pictures at any time. While waiting for the next shot, I think about the meaning of time. This is another reason why I perceive the importance of the possibility of capturing the ephemeral in the form of images. Thus, images serve us as evidence of the permanent emergence, development, and demise of human existence.  

Often images are subjected to further processing. I use three software programs for this. All three products are from the free, non-commercial world. As a convinced and longtime user of the Linux operating system, I owe the developers of Gimp, Raw-Therapee and Digikam the chance to edit my pictures really professionally. The internet is full of good advice and tips on how to set up and use this software according to your own preferences. A small note, the products I listed are also freely available in the commercial world, and need not hide from their non-free counterparts. 

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